No Man Down

It's Time-the protection rose to the level of the threat! The first and only patiented VEST design CERTIFIED to the NIJ Threat Level III Standard!

As seen on NEXTSTEP on the DISCOVERY Channel.
10 Year Warranty


  • NIJ Certified Threat Level Protection
  • 85% Torso Coverage with side protection. Threat Level III (NIJ 0101.03)
  • Superior Composites for protection against the rounds
  • AlliedSignal's SpectraShield
  • Dramatic Blunt Trama Reduction (from handgun rounds)
    Rugged Body Armor
  • Vest Configerations: 2 point entry system
    "Extra-skin" fit bears weight over entire torso
    (SM-18 lbs. / LG-27 lbs.)(appx.)
  • Passive Flotation Device
  • Load Bearing Capabilities


  • Will stop NATO 7.62 FMJ 150 gr.
    M80 Ball round ( 308) and all lesser threat.
  • 37 to 51 sq. inch of coverage, with 360 degree design
    (depending on size)
  • Will not ballistically degrade from sunlight or water exposure
  • Multiple hit stopping power.
  • Puncture resistant from ice picks, knives, arrows,
    and crossbows. (Shiv's & Flechette)
  • Engineered for comfort and mobility
  • Easily put on in seconds
  • Minimizes vest weight shift in Close Quarters Combat
    and vest fatigue
  • It Floats!
  • Choice of Military Snap design:
    A.L.I.C.E. CLIP or pockets