Flexible Shields

Our Flexible Shields have many uses
such as in the squad car,
court rooms, offices, or
even on bike patrol.
They are quick to deploy
from their carrying bag that
measures only 1' x 2' x 5' tall
Made of 10% Spectra, these
shields weigh just under 13 lbs.
The shield cover and carrying bag
are made of 1000 Cordura
which is very durable
  • Options:
    Removable Police/Sheriff ID
  • Colors:
    Woodland Camo

Threat Level III
Equipped with 1-1/8" knurled three point grasp handle.
These shields can be used at any angle.
2" x 10" threat level III-A viewport
7 Year Warranty

2" x 10" Threat Level III-A viewport
44 Mag. 240gr. SWC and all lesser threats. Our non-clear shields are the
lightest in the industry.
We use 100% Spectra Fibers for the
ballistics and carbon fiber sheets
to add structural stifness.
To cut weight and expense, we cover
our shields with 1000 Denier Cordura fabric.
Our shields are durable, lightweight,
quiet, and most of all, affordable.
  • Shields: 20" x 36" (shown)
    24" x 48"
  • >Weight:
    13 lbs. (appx.)
    18.5 lbs (appx.)
  • Options:
    Police/Sheriff ID
  • Colors: Black
    Woodland Camo

Clear Ballistic Shields Threat Level II-A & III-A Clear Shield

Clear: This shield was designed for Portable protection from handguns and for riot application to fend off aggresive offenders. Large Shield: 23" x 35" Equipped with 1-1/8" knurled three point grasp handle Small Shield: 18" x 22" Straight handle

7 Year Warranty

The clear shield design gives full view of the threat The clear ballistic shield design meets the need of many officers facing an imminent threat while on patrol Options: * Nylon Carrier * Police/Sheriff I.D. *Light

Level III 7.62 NATO BALL 150 GR. FMJ (309) 2750 FPS Protection

Now for the first time, protective those sensitive positions with the new

Ballistic Barrier Shield. Designed to be wheeled into high threat areas which give you full view of immediate or potential threats


Designed to protect you from high power rifle fire
while having full view of the threat
7 Year Warranty

  • Blocking doorways, or using multiple shields in forming an array to protect larger areas.
  • Protect Your:
    Power Generation Facilities, Foreign Embassies, and many other high risk locations.
  • Specifications:
    Protection Level III, 22" x 46" viewing area, Mobile platform, Aluminum outer structure
  • Options:
    Cover with view port