Stab Resistant Threat Level III-A 7 Year Warranty

With prison system populations on the rise nationwide, the likelihood of inmates injuring correctional officers with sharp and pointed objects in becoming an increasing threat. Realizing this threat, we have designed a combination Level III-A Stab Resistant vest.

With the III-A ballistic rating, this vest can be worn with confidence on the street protecting you from handgun rounds. And while on duty you can be confident that you will be protected against ice picks, shiv's and knives.

These vests are constructed of lightweight Kevlar, with a polymer coating material which makes the vest puncture resistant. We offer this vest in both concealable and tactical configurations.

Our punture resistant
testing is done with a
Stanley Awl (icepick)
dropped from 60"
backed with 15 lbs.
This combination develops 81.2 ft/lbs.
of pressure at
the tip of the awl.
Using this
testing procedure
guarantees the finest
in protection against
stab assaults.
  • Options:
    Shirt tucks
    5" x 8" Stab resistant trama pack
    ID labels
  • Colors:
    Concealable style: White / Navy Blue/ Tan / Black
    Tactical style:
    Black or Woodland Camo